Yahoo Group

Please join us on the oldest and largest LS support group out there on Yahoo (and the best I might add most humbly) *smile*

This group is for anyone who is dealing personally with the disorder called Lichen Sclerosis, also spelled Lichen Sclerosus (LS) as well as ‘Lichen Planus'(LP) (very similiar) and BXO (a male version) or has a partner, friend, or child dealing with this painful genital condition. LS and LP have no boundaries, age or gender bias. We welcome all.

I want this to be a forum for support and discussion of the many ways this affects us and our families, emotionally as well as physically, as well as a place we can come to discuss and share various methods of treatments we are using to help ourselves. It’s a place where we can share knowledge, offer opinions or suggestions and to give support to one another with this painful condition.

Once you are a member be certain to check out our links, files, database, photos, physicians recommendations, etc. etc. at this Home page (on the left) for a large amount of information that will be quite helpful.*NOTE* You ‘MUST’ be a member and have a Yahoo ID to enter into our Home page to access this information.

We wish there was a cure, but until then, we’re here. Our heartfelt goals are: To cure sometimes, To relieve often, and To comfort always.

“We’ve been there, we know, we care, and we understand.”


PS: Because we have photos of vulvas with LS, our group is considered ‘adult.’ So be prepared to agree to join an ‘adult’ group. Sorry, but there was nothing we could do about that. 🙁