Meds & Suggestions

Knowing how confusing and overwhelming all this can be here are some suggestions I’ve put together over many years that you might ask your physician about and consider trying.

Some are for pain, itch, burning and inflammation, basically for& symptom relief, others are for rebuilding, unfusing of adhesions, restoring our architecture and getting our tissue healthy and elastic again, using a two tier approach to wellness.

I’ve gone through hundreds of various treatments with trial and error with the ten years I had this agonizing pain (9+ yrs of being well as of last April ’08) and researching through thousands of journals regarding LS and other Vulvar pain issues even longer, and these suggestions are what helped me the most and healed me eventually.

I sincerely hope by sharing it with you, it’s of help to you as well and can spare you some pain and the most precious ‘time’ lost with the myriad of things I too ‘hoped’ would work but didn’t.

The document is in Adobe PDF format – 30 pages long.

Meds & Suggestions Document

There is a shortened version of the Meds & Suggestions document if you prefer for your doctor, on the For your doctor page.

NOTE: As with all the information on this website, this document is not meant to replace the diagnosis, treatment and advice of your doctor. This document is copyrighted, so you may print it out for your own personal use, or to share with your doctor, but please do not use it in any other way without permission.