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Welcome to our website, created BY people with LS, FOR people with LS. We wanted to have an avenue to share information about the condition, Lichen Sclerosus, to make the public more aware of this not so rare condition as some assume it is. As well as being able to share tips and suggestions that those of us with LS have found helps us to manage our disease.

We want to let those just diagnosed know that there IS HOPE. This condition can be managed, and it can improve to the point that you can lead a pretty normal, pain-free life.

Thanks to all for your generous donations to the LS support group.

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About This Site

The information in this website was originally inspired and written by a wonderful, compassionate woman named Dee Troll in 2010. Dee suffered for years with LS and through trial and error came up with a treatment protocol that worked for her and wanted to share her experience with others who might be helped. She also started the Lichen Sclerosis Yahoo Support Group, which now has over 12,000 members.

While Dee is no longer with us, her spirit and vision live on in the many lives she has touched with her encouragement and advice. Some of the information on this website has since been updated, so we encourage you to continue to do research and don’t be afraid to take charge of your own health. View this information as a starting point on your quest for better health.

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You’ll be encouraged and enlightened by the support of thousands of women (and men) with this condition, many who have been able to turn their lives around.

Note: The information on this website is not meant to replace the diagnosis, treatment and advice of your doctor.
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