Compounding Pharmacies

Note: Please go to the Database on the Yahoo site for a complete and updated listing.

Dee recommends:

Belmar Pharmacy
Terri Weisenbach, RPh
12860 W. Cedar Drive
Suite 210
Colorado 80228
303-763-5533 or 800-525-9473 ext 200

I’m also adding someone new, the name of Mark H. Mandel R.Ph. Another compounding specialist that I’ve not used, but one member has and I too am impressed after speaking with him with his knowledge but have never used him. He’s at Mark Drugs and located outside of Chicago. Tel 1- 800- 776-4378,(630) 529-3400.

Just remember you can send or have your prescription filled wherever ‘you’ want to – yes, even across country. The choice of where to go is always up to you and I hope you can discuss it with your physician as well as the pharmacy you choose.